Recommended Artists I & II

Over the course of one year, I painted the names of artists whose work people suggested I look at on my studio wall. The list functions as documentation of the conversations I have had about my work and is indicative of the discourse surrounding art in general, as we often respond to artwork by relating it to the work of other artists. In a second iteration of the list, I printed a photograph of each referenced artist’s work and assembled them together. By substituting the text for an image, I was transforming the collection of artists’ names into a visual illustration. The piece communicates an understanding of my practice through the opinions of the artists and curators I have worked with, while leaving what that practice may actually look like in question. 


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  • Recommended Artists I, 2010. Ink on wall, 20 x 10 feet.

  • Recommended Artists I, 2010, detail.

  • Recommended Artists II, 2010. C-prints, 10 x 10 feet.

  • Recommended Artists II, 2010, detail.