Sierpinski Triangle, 2023

The Sierpinski Triangle is a fractal fixed set in the shape of equilateral triangle, subdivided recursively into smaller equilateral triangles. By removing smaller and smaller equilateral triangles at each iteration of construction, the pattern persists and can be magnified indefinitely.

In Anatomy of an AI System, Kate Crawford and Vladan Joler use the Sierpinski triangle to illustrate limitless chains of production and exploitation. Each individual equilateral triangle represents the the relationships between labour, means of production, and the product of labour, giving visual form to Marx's dialectic of subject and object. Like the Sierpinski triangle, capitalist exploitation of labour and resources for product and profit expands exponentially.

By creating weavings of the Sierpinski triangle I am giving visual form not only to Marx's dialectic, but also to the relationship between labour, materials, and product that is inherent to the craft weaving.